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The Region Tyrol is the "Heart of the Alps". We have about 2800 members in 8 branches belonging to the Gendarmerie, the Police, the armed Customs, the Justice in jails and the Police Administration.

The official Tyrolean Eagle

The specials of the Region Tyrol are the International Mountaineering Week, organized since 1973 and the "Zillertaler Huettenabend", a three days lasting friendship event each fall with guests from more than 40 different branches from all over Europe.

This is Austria, Tyrol is the second from left

In our neighbourhood you find the Region Vorarlberg in the West, the Region Salzburg in the East, the Region South Tyrol in the South and the Region Bavaria in the North

Helping people who are in need is the aim of the Imst Branch. Besides yearly direct actions the support of kids from Tschernobyl who come to Tyrol for recreation is the most important. Members collect clothings and toys for the kids.


In 1996 the Region Tyrol consolidated the contacts to the foreign neighbours. This was the birth of the INTER ALPS MEETING, which is arranged once a year. This was the start of the first common event in the Alps region, the INTER POLICE ARTE, an art exhibition of IPA members.

Old farmhouse in Tyrol - Foto by Klaus HERBERT

Being a police officer is more than writing tickets and reports. The Region Tyrol organizes the first art exhibition of IPA members in the Inter Alps Region - the INTER POLICE ARTE 1998. Have a look at the beautiful pictures and sculptures.

The giant at the entrance of Swarovski Crystal World

You find all actual information on the homepage of the IPA Austrian Section

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Interesting for members who travel on the north - south axis is the list of IPA-friendly accommodations. You find them on the site ACCOMMODATION INFORMATION of the Austrian Section.

Winter in Tyrol - Foto by Klaus HERBERT

Once more it was an idea of our president Wolfgang Wippler: The INTER POLICE RAD 2000. IPA members from Bavaria, Tyrol and South Tyrol/Trentino make a bycicle tour from north to south. The collected money will be spent  for victims of war mines.

Inter Police Bicycle

Tyrol from the sky - flying with IPA members: Karl Lettenbichler and Hans Muik offer flights for prime cost. Booking: +43(0)664-1612085, IPA friend Hans Muik

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Starts from Kufstein by sail plane (May to October), from St. Johann or Innsbruck (whole year)   by  motor glider or Piper motor plane. Also flights abroad available.

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Exciting but safe with an IPA friend: Stefan Thaler is specialised in paragliding tandem flights in the Tyrolean mountains. Mail to air-stubai@tirol.com or call +43-664-3420343 and ask for the IPA rate.

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